CleanBlok Shares Approach to Sustainable Bitcoin Mining at Digital Mining Energy Conference 2021

Bitcoin is more mainstream than ever, but there’s a certain stigma that surrounds mining the popular cryptocurrency due to its high energy consumption. CleanBlok, CleanSpark’s bitcoin mining division, is making a concerted effort to change how the digital currency is mined with a focus on renewable energy.

That focus was on display at last week’s Digital Mining Energy Conference in Miami, hosted by Bitmain and sponsored by CleanSpark. CleanBlok President and CEO Zach Bradford attended the event alongside Bernardo Schucman, senior vice president of mining operations.

In a keynote and later on a panel with other mining leaders focused on the transformation and development of green energy, Bradford discussed how bitcoin miners can support resilient power networks with renewable energy sources.

“Our goal is to drive the adoption of clean and energy-efficient mining practices while delivering value to our shareholders and the communities that we operate in,” said Bradford.

By nature, bitcoin mining develops the energy networks that surround bitcoin operations. Miners can make sure those networks are growing the right way—by supporting the addition of renewables to local energy mixes and making them more decentralized and resilient.

That last part often gets overlooked. But in the United States especially, our energy networks need to change to respond to the demands of climate change. They can, and should, be more decentralized, making them more resilient and less reliable on large, centralized utilities that often fail when they are most needed.  

Bradford also explained how CleanBlok is focused on ESG principles in its approach to mining:

  • Environmental–Working toward the goal of 100% carbon-neutral bitcoin mining
  • Social–Partnering with local communities and investing in new transmission lines for more resilient energy
  • Governance–Increasing transparency and enhancing stakeholder trust